Montiff’s L-Histidine is recommended for the growth and repair of tissues. It is a precursor for Carnosine and Anserine. It converts into Histadine, which acts as an antioxidant, protecting against radiation damage by helping to remove heavy metals from the body.

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Take 1 to 3 three times daily a half-hour or more before meals with a full glass of water or fruit or vegetable juice. Vitamins and minerals are recommended for proper metabolism, especially B-6 and Vitamin C. Vita-Minz-Plus and B-Complete as well as Ultra C should be taken daily. For female sexual arousal and orgasms – 1 capsule t.i.d. prior to meals is suggested.


Those with elevated Histidine or Histamine levels should not take L-Histidine supplementation. These may include manic-depressives, those with schizophrenia, problems with chronic allergies, pregnant women or women with PMS. Individuals who have hypertension should exercise caution, and those with peptic ulcers and excessive gastric juices should avoid Histidine supplementation.

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