Montiff’s L-Methionine assists in the production of Cysteine, Glutathione, Taurine, and Choline. It may also aid in the synthesis of Carnitine and Creatine, both of which are essential amino acids.

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Take 1-2 capsules daily with a full glass of water or fruit juice. It is very important to take with folic acid, B-6 and B-12 to properly metabolize and prevent harmful Homocysteine levels; therefore, take with a B-complex, such as Montiff B-Long or B-Complete (1 – three times daily with food). Vitamin E – total 800 IU, and Vitamin C –1 per day) are also recommended to prevent the effects of Hyperhomocysteinemia. L-Arginine supplementation may also be included for vascular health.


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